Songs for the New Year (13 in 2013)

Have you ever sung a song that just didn’t seem relevant to you in that moment? As a worship leader there are times when I have chosen songs to sing that weren’t on my “Top 10 ‘Most Favorite Right Now’ Songs” list. I know if I have had moments like this, then others have had the same experience.

As we come to the New Year everyone can relate to some songs for the turning of the Year. I would like to share with you some hymns/songs on my New Year song list. 13 Songs for 2013. There are some you probably have never heard of and I will link them to pages with the lyrics and midi files of the tune for you to listen to. However, I might not have links for all of them. I hope that you will have a Happy New Year. That you will look back at what great things our great God has done for us and look ahead to what He will do in this New Year!


13. Another Year is Dawning (Frances Havergal, 1874) midi text

12. If You But Trust In God to Guide You (Georg Neumark, 1641) midi text

11. All People That on Earth Do Dwell (William Kethe, 1561) midi text

10. I Asked the Lord That I Might Grow (John Newton, 1779) midi/text modern arrangement

9. Your Hand, O God, Has Guided (Edward Plumptre, 1864) midi text

8. O Great God (Bob Kauflin, 2006) midi/text

7. Speak, O Lord (Keith Getty & Stuart Townend, 2006) midi text

6. Lead On, O King Eternal (Ernest Shurtleff, 1887) midi text modern rendition

5. O Church, Arise (Keith Getty & Stuart Townend, 2005) video/text

4. Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah (William Williams, 1745) midi text modern arrangement

3. Our Song From Age to Age (Joel Sczebel, 2012) midi/text

2. O God, Our Help in Ages Past (Isaac Watts, 1719) midi text modern rendition


And finally the number one hymn as the year turns new:

1. Immovable, Our Hope Remains (Augustus Toplady, 1812) modern rendition/text

When I first came across this ten verse Augustus Toplady hymn “Immovable Our Hope Remains,” I was significantly affected by the confident faith the lyrics expressed. I rearranged, rephrased, and trimmed down the hymn into four verses. Later on, my dad came across my lyrics on our piano and set them to a melody that tries to capture the triumph of the words. No matter how we feel, no matter how hopeless or unsure our future appears, no matter what lies Satan uses to weaken our hearts, our hope is immovable. Jesus is already in heaven, and we are in Christ! — Brittany Kauflin

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