Book List Sept-Dec 2012

**Update** – Added the 23rd and final book read for 2012.  Very happy with 23 out of 24 books read.  I will increase my goal for next year! – **Update**


This is the last book list post for 2012.  I had set out to finish 24 books this year (2012) but only accomplished reading 22 books. (I may in the next few days finish one or two more but as of now only 22 books.)  However, if you count my seminary books then I certainly surpassed my goal of 24 books.  In this last post for 2012 books I read 9 more books. If I finish some more I will update this post.

Prayer-9780851510903 John Bunyan’s book Prayer was an excellent two-part book on prayer.  The first part was on what prayer is.  And Part Two was on how and why we can pray.  I especially liked the second part of the book.  (172 pages)


What-Is-a-Healthy-Church-9781581349375 Mark Dever’s short book on the Church: What is a Healthy Church?  is an excellent and challenging short book on the church and your place in it, the purpose of it, and how to become a healthy church.  This book is desperately needed in this day.  (126 pages)


gcm_us_fb80ae142670ec644fcd3a074524d30b This book/Bible study is a great pre-marital study or even marital study of what the Gospel centered marriage looks like.  I encourage you to go through this with your husband or wife, your fiance’, or even by yourself to prepare or strengthen your marriage.  My wife and I finished going through this book this year.  Very good.  (102 pages)


4196FSbb7UL._SL500_SS500_Leon Morris wrote an excellent short study on the Person and work of Christ.  This is a great bite-size theology book. (112 pages)


cover-reverberation-low-resolution1 My second 9Marks book this year, Reverberation speaks of how the word is to be preached, received, and sent out from us.  My favorite chapter was one how we sing the word. (197 pages)


Deliberate-01-01 This was my second Mark Dever and third 9Marks book this year.  Not only should the church member be Word-Centered, not only should the word be preached, received, and sent out, but we also should be governed by the Word in every area of government, music, prayer, tithing, hiring and firing ministers, etc.  (224 pages)


hobbit  The Hobbit – J. R. R. Tolkien   I was pleased to finish reading this book before the movie came out  December 14.  It is an exciting tale.  One that preludes the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  (305 pages)



Loving the Church – John Crotts   (140 pages)


God is in the manger_Bonhoeffer Dietrich Bonhoeffer – God is in the Manger   An excellent advent/christmas devotional.  (112 pages)

IMG_1906David McIntyre – The Hidden Life of Prayer (160 pages)



Graeme Goldsworthy – Gospel and Kingdom (138 pages) A brief introduction to Biblical Theology.  Excellent book.  Well-written and easy to follow.

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