Book List April-May 2012

I have really been blessed to get into reading some books this year.  My goal for 2012 was to read 24 books.  I have bookshelves full of books that I have not read.  I have perused many, read chapters out of many, but had not finished many.  So far we are in month five for this year and I have made it halfway through my goal!  I am excited to be getting through some books!  This list comes from April-May so there are some short books on this list!  If reading larger books is not your thing, this list may be one you want to check out!


    Small Catechism – Martin Luther (295 pgs)
I read this book on my honeymoon.  Such a relaxing time to get to read.  No schedule to follow just time to do whatever we wanted!  We both got some reading in.  There are a few different versions of this one but I suggest the one that has the explanation with it.  You can read it on Kindle.




Commenting and Commentaries – Charles Spurgeon (264 pgs)
I began this one for the purpose of getting some insight from Spurgeon on commentaries.  I really enjoyed the commenting part where Spurgeon speaks directly to young preachers.  Wonderful!




A Guide to Adoption and Orphan Care – Edited by Russell Moore (88 pgs)
This book was given away at a conference I went to in Louisville, KY.  It is the second “Guidebook” from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  The first guidebook on Biblical Masculinity I read in January and linked it here.





The End for Which God Created the World – Jonathan Edwards 
I read this one for seminary.  I cannot begin to express the value of this dissertation.  If you ever want to begin reading Edwards, you need to start here.  This book makes clear the purpose which he based his whole ministry.  If you want to understand the meaning of life and why we, as humans, are here, you should read this book!  I cannot recommend it enough.  Because Edwards is a difficult read I suggest you read the updated easier read with notes by John Piper in God’s Passion for His Glory: Living the Vision of Jonathan Edwards.  This title has the complete text of The End for Which God Created the World by Edwards.  You can read it in PDF for free here.  God’s Passion for His Glory is 272 pgs.




Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books – Tony Reinke (208 pgs)
This was a very interesting read.  Here is a quote from Jesse Johnson, who reviewed this book, “Lit is one of those books that pays dividends. Reading it will cause you to read other books more frequently. View it as an investment. If you want to read more, read this, and it will help you not only read more, but read better.”





100 Cupboards – N.D. Wilson (320 pgs)
Yes, I did put a children’s literature book on here.  I have had the three books in the 100 Cupboards series by N. D. Wilson for a little while and haven’t read them yet.  Take heart, I read this one in four days.  (I could have read it in a day if I had not had finals in seminary, work, a family, and life in general.  I mean, come on, it is a third-grade reading level!)  I highly recommend this little book for your elementary school-aged child (or even yourself).  I am still reading through the other books in the series (see below).





Currently reading:

Jonathan Edwards: A Life – George Marsden (640 pgs)
Dandelion Fire – N. D. Wilson (480 pgs)
Meaning of Marriage – Timothy Keller (288 pgs)
The Gospel & Personal Evangelism – Mark Dever (128 pgs)

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