Book List January-March 2012

So far I have really been able to soak up some good books the first three months of 2012.  Most of these I have not actually read, but listened to while I work at night.  I plan on reading a couple of these again to continue to divulge as much as I can from them.  Here’s my list for the first two and a half months of 2012:

A Guide to Biblical Manhood – Randy Stinson & Dan Dumas (109 pgs)

Excellent book with very practical chapters for husbands, fathers, and pastors.
Great Character studies on Adam, David, Job, and Jesus.   Recommend this one for Father’s especially!

Hannah Coulter – Wendell Berry (190 pgs)

A fiction book based in WWII Kentucky.  Excellent book on like in rural Kentucky.

The Missionary Call – Michael David Sills (256 pgs)
I read this one for Seminary.  I really liked the chapter on finding a missions agency and the hindrances to getting to the field.  Very thought-provoking and eye-opening as to what missionaries really go through during the process of getting to the mission field.  Recommend this one highly for those interested in missions in any way!
 Knowing God – J I Packer (312 pgs)

 This is one that I will certainly have to read again.  The parts on the attributes of God just blows my mind!

Trusting God – Jerry Bridges (240 pgs)

 This is one of them that I listened to while working.  Chapter 12 on the Sovereignty of God was the best chapter in the book I believe. However, you can’t skip 1-11 and just read 12 or you will not fully grasp it!
Spiritual Leadership – J. Oswald Sanders (176 pgs)
Another one I will have to read (or listen) again.  Many great thoughts and chapters on being a Biblical leader. Much to ponder and think on and question about yourself if you are in a leadership position.  Highly recommend!!
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