Grab Bag – Word, Worship, Walk 3/2

Who Is a God Like You? by Jeremy Walker.  Some encouraging a worshipful words on our Great and Sovereign God!  Also check out the song by Sovereign Grace titled “Behold Our God”.  You can listen and read the lyrics by clicking this link.

Don’t Get Rid of the Organ by Kevin DeYoung.  DeYoung quotes Harold Best on why churches should not get rid of their organs!  Very thought-provoking.   And if you have ever been in a church where the organ is the main accompaniment to congregational singing, you will probably agree!

Does God Inhabit the Praises of His People?  A little diving into Psalm 22:3.  By Zac Kicks “Sometimes (and I am guilty of this, too), we allow a little mis-exegesis to slide because “it’s just too good.”  But if we desire to be trustworthy as pastors, teachers, and leaders, we need to try to be as exegetically honest as possible, even as Christ forgives and washes His blood over all our shoddy best efforts.” – Hicks

Simplify Family Worship by Donald S. Whitney. Whitney says, “Sadly, it seems that few men among even the best evangelical churches today could speak of daily family worship in their home. In the minds of some, active church involvement eliminates the need for family worship. For others, Bible reading, prayer, and singing praises to God together as a family have been crowded out by the television, the Internet, and a non-stop schedule that makes even meals together a rarity.” Keep it simple. For more from Don Whitney check out his site “The Center for Biblical Spirituality



A BIGGER Diversion than Ever! – Luke Gilkerson (Covenant Eyes) The stats are rising on the use of the internet for recreational pleasures in all age-groups. Interesting read.


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