Knees to the Earth

In the midst of a revival summit at my church this week and it has been refreshing and challenging and convicting.  It is very difficult when you start to see just how selfish, prideful, and fleshly you are.  And there are no excuses…it is sin.  May I continue to see myself next to a HOLY, HOLY, HOLY God so that I may see my sin for what it is.  In this way I will continue to remember that “God I need You!”  This song played on my iTunes this morning and I would like to share it with you.

Knees to the Earth – Nathan & Christy Nockels       copyright 2003 Word Music, LLC

Wonderful Savior,
My heart belongs to Thee.
I will remember always
The blood You shed for me.
Wonderful Savior
My heart will know Your worth
So I will embrace You always
As I walk this earth.

Be blessed, be loved, be lifted high!
Be treasured here, be glorified!
I owe my life to You, my Lord,
Here I am.

Beautiful Jesus,
How may I bless Your heart?
Knees to the earth I bow down
To everything You are.
Beautiful Jesus,
You are my only worthy.
So let me embrace You always
As I walk on this earth.

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