The Petition (on matters of abortion) Pt II: The Prayer

The Petition
Part II: The Prayer

Stamped with approval “In Your Best Interest”
they say they care, so they give you the option.
But its murder to take from life, its breath.
Will we ever see Abortion’s death?
God reveal the truth of this atrocity.

Lord, heal this nation’s self-inflicted wound.
It’s You who knit life in the mother’s womb.
My frame, my substance was not hidden from You
as it was intricately woven, life in bloom!
For I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

Life begins, Lord, when You grant it.
And death occurs when You ordain it.
Man has no part, no right to choose its time.
Against God alone do we commit this crime!
Father, grant repentance.

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