A New Song – Unveiled Face

This song has been eating me away inside, so to speak, and I didn’t realize the way it would come out, until it did. It’s hard for me to be extremely honest on a personal level when writing lyrics sometimes. I think my mindset is that if I am too honest then no one will be able to relate to it. Well this song is honest. The title has a duel meaning. “Unveiled Face” is about (1) taking off the mask to unveil the truth underneath and (2) one day we will see God with unveiled face! He knows us…mask and all. When we finally decide to be honest the world might find it to be news as to what is the truth “underneath,” but God isn’t surprised. He knows us better than we know ourselves. And for those that stand in grace, remember, that you stand ONLY BECAUSE OF GRACE. “Oh Lord, if you mark our transgressions, who could stand?”

What a day it will be when we stand in glory and before the Throne of Grace we offer up our praises and behold the Lord with unveiled face!

Unveiled Face – N. Adam Johnson (12-29-2010)
from Ephesians 5:1

Verse 1:
It’s been some time since I could say
that I stand amazed.
How is it that I’ve grown so cold,
to the Refiner’s blaze?

It’s been some time since I could say
that I stand amazed.
How is it that I’ve grown so cold,
to the Refiner’s blaze?
To hold the Bread of Life so close,
and yet forget its taste;
Running the race marked out for me
but blinded by my own ways.

Verse 2:
My plank is bigger with Your grace
to their specks I point.
I over glaze my sinfulness
as I divulge their faults.
The Gospel liberates the slave
of sin, I missed the point.
Return me to Your cross of grace
where real life, it was bought.

Verse 3:
To imitate the God on high
is a crushing feat.
The sinner can’t reach righteousness;
it’s only by God’s grace.
The Holy God is molding me
to worship at His feet.
Remind me of my sinfulness
‘n that I stand by grace.

Now boldly to the throne of grace,
undeserving like the rest,
I stand in Christ before God’s face
as I offer up my praise.
Filthy rags are all I have
I stand only in grace.
As I behold the glory of God
with unveiled face.

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2 Responses to A New Song – Unveiled Face

  1. Geancarlo Calderon says:

    Hello I am from Costa Rica.. let me tell you … I feel the same …. I was singing in my church … a new song… spontaneus worship… And I start singing that we have to take off the mask… sorry my english is not good…
    But what i am trying to say is that God put the same feeling in me… that was december 22 of 2010… just a few days a ago.

  2. santiago says:

    can i hear this song?
    santiago curling

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