“O Holy Word”

I wrote this hymn very recently and I thought I would like to share it. It is on the Holy Word of God. It seems there aren’t as many hymns that focus our thoughts and hearts upon the Word in our life. I tried to focus on the Word and the blessings and purposes it has in our lives. The Word, over and over, speaks of the fact that the Word of God brings life and peace to us, it guides our steps, it crowns Christ as King and makes sin depart. All of these things are what we need to remember about the Word of God. If you sing this hymn to the tune of the hymn “And Can It Be,” you will know what it sounds like.

O HOLY WORD – N. Adam Johnson 8-2-2010
from Proverbs 3:1-2; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; and Psalm 86:11-13; 119:18, 33, 37, 153

O Holy Word, divine inspired
Speak light into my darkest hour
And write your truth into my heart
Crown Jesus King, make sin depart
Teach me truth, learn to obey
That I may cry, “Glory!” on that Day!

Open my eyes that I may see
Your Holy Word gives life to me

O Holy Word, You guide my way
You place my feet I will not stray
For life and peace you add to me
You turn my eyes from worthless things
O Holy Writ, Lord God did breathe
And charged that man should keep its decrees.


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