This is a poem on the work that only God can do in us.  Written by Augustus Montague Toplady,


Jesus, thy light impart,
and lead me in thy path:
I have an unbelieving heart,
but thou can’st give me faith.

The work in me fulfill
which mercy hath begun;
I have a proud, rebellious will,
but thou can’st melt it down.

Sin on my heart is wrote;
I am throughout impure:
But my disease, O Lord, is not
too hard for thee to cure.

The darkness of my mind
lies open to thy sight;
Jesus, I am, by nature, blind,
but thou can’st give me light.

Send down thy Holy Ghost
to cleanse  and fill with peace;
For O mine inward parts, thou know’st,
are very wickedness.

Thy love all power hath,
it’s pow’r in me exert,
And give me living, active faith
that purifies the heart.

Unrivall’d reign within,
my only Sov’reign be;
O crucify the man of sin,
and form thyself in me.

Thy blood’s renewing might
can make the foulest clean,
Can wash the Ethiopian white,
and change the leopard’s skin:

That, that can bring me nigh,
and wipe my sins away,
Can lift my abject soul on high,
and call me into Day.

Fulfill thy gracious Word,
and shew my guilt forgiv’n,
Bid me embrace my dying Lord,
and mount with Him to Heav’n.

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