It Was My Sin (Hymn of Salvation)

It Was My Sin – by N. Adam Johnson  5/6/2010

Verse 1:
It was my sin that tore His flesh, and drew His blood outpoured.
My pride, my lust, my selfishness, my debt, my pain: He bore.
Until it was all paid in full, He suffered more and more.
Then it was done no more to pay and God’s wrath satisfied;
“It is finished!” my Savior cried, gave up His life and died.

Verse 2:
It was for love that He died there, my soul, from death, to win.
Once enemy, now child of God, Bought with His blood, I live.
I glory in my Savior’s love, I am set free from sin.
By grace, my soul is saved from hell, not of my own accord,
New life’s been giv’n what grace divine, my portion is the Lord.

Verse 3:
It was to God that Christ did heed and gave His life to praise.
In the Savior’s death, God was pleased, a people dead, to raise.
Now those once lost have now been found. God’s children join to sing:
“We sing about the God who saves, Who died and rose again!
Forever we will glorify, Our Savior and our King!
We sing about the God who saves, and calls us for His own!
Forever we will glorify, the Savior of our souls!”

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One Response to It Was My Sin (Hymn of Salvation)

  1. Brian says:

    Like it. captures much of the story, without trying to cover too much theological terrritory. Focussed.

    Has an orientation of singing to other people in the room.

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