This Song is For Anna Pirtle

In 2004-2005 at what was back then Bethel College (now University) I was a lonely, scared freshman with way too much scholarship money to sing and way too much time on my hands to not spend each and every second playing the guitar and singing until my throat gave out!  As a charter member of Renaissance: The Bethel College Musical Experience, I spent many, MANY hours on tour and in practice with a group of students who quickly became my extended family.  And even though I consider all of them extended family there were a few select individuals whom I, to this day, consider brothers and sisters.  Among those individuals was a very special person to me, Anna Pirtle.  She and I quickly clicked with a friendship that would be to both of us a driving force for our continued sanity in a completely chaotic freshman year.  We shared many things in our time together.  We quickly became family to each other.  The three greatest things we enjoyed the most were: (1) our relationship that we each individually had with our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, (2) a deep respect for music: both playing, making, and listening to it, and (3) making that music to glorify our God!

Throughout my time at Bethel I had written many songs (most of which should never be played or resurrected from the trash bin).  I cannot tell you how many times Anna requested me to write a song for her.  Not selfishly, but I think she just wanted to see what would be said.  I never had that opportunity while at Bethel.  The next year I transferred to Lambuth University where I realized that what couldn’t be penned while Anna was around, could start to be penned when I missed the closeknit friendship we had.  In September of 2006, during my junior year  I was able to put to paper what had been so difficult to write before.  Not that I had nothing to say about Anna, but I had too great a time narrowing it down to something that I could say.  At last I came to the decision to write about what she found most important to her: Her walk with Christ and how she lived it out!

Now the date is March 24, 2010 and two days ago my dear friend Anna Nicole Pirtle was laid to rest.  And while I have no idea the plans God has set, I do know that His will is PERFECT.  And while my heart breaks like it never has before, I find great peace in the fact that I know Anna loved Jesus more than anything.  And that while I prayed for her healing, I never expected the kind of healing God would grant to her.  As He called her home the most ultimate healing took place in Anna’s life:  never more to feel pain, suffering, or the disease of the flesh.  And while the song she sang here on earth resonated throughout the land unto many hearts, the song she sings now is even more glorious and God-exalting as she joins the saints who have gone before her around the throne of the Most High!  As I recall the words to the song I wrote for Anna back in 2006 I am reminded just how Anna lived her life: to glorify God;  and just how much I am going to miss her. 

Originally titled “She Had A Way About Her” now titled “Anna.”


She had a way about her
Smiles she wore shouted something deeper
What she had, you couldn’t measure
Deeper than bones, it ran straight to the soul
More than just skin deep or the song that she sang
It was a change of the old with the new

She had a way about her
As if life had given her a second chance
The love she had you couldn’t question
The weight of the world taken from her shoulders
And the world would wonder what she had
She’d cause quite a commotion, with her song

And the people would talk and she’d sing, “Hallelujah”
Then they’d listen when she sang, “Jesus, washed my sins away.”

And the world would wonder what she had
She’d cause quite a commotion, with her song

And the people would talk and she’d sing, “Hallelujah”
Then they’d listen when she sang, “Jesus, washed my sins away.”
And the people would talk and she’d sing, “Hallelujah”
Then they’d listen when she sang, “Jesus, washed my sins away.”

Anna I will miss you so much girl.  The past week and a half has felt like a total whirlwind.  While the time we shared, I feel, was not enough I am thankful for every second, every laugh, every smile, every tear, every hug, every word we shared.  I love you my dear friend.  Thank you for being such an encouragement to me in your life and in your death!

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3 Responses to This Song is For Anna Pirtle

  1. Julie says:

    Beautiful. I’m praying for you, friend.

  2. Sharon Johnson says:

    I know how special Anna has always been to you. She was a precious girl. I enjoyed the time I was able to spend with her. And I loved hearing the two of you sing and play together. We will all miss her. You already know that I think this song is special. Thanks for sharing it again.

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