Lacking in Nothing – From Spurgeon

“These much-tempted ones are frequently the most spiritual men, and out of this spirituality comes usefulness.  Mr Greatheart, who led the band of pilgrims up to the celestial city, was a man of many trials, or he would not have been fit to lead so many to their heavenly rest; and you, dear brother, if ever you are to be the leader and a helper, as you wish to be, in the church of God, it must be by such means as this that you must be prepared for it.  Do you not wish to have every virtue developed?  Do you you not wish to become a perfect man in Christ Jesus?  If so, welcome with all joy diverse trials and temptations; fly to God with them; bless Him for having sent them: ask Him to help you to bear them with patience, and then let that patience have its perfect work, and so by the Spirit of God you shall become ‘perfect and entire, lacking in nothing.’  ”

– Charles Spurgeon
(from a sermon titled “All Joy In Trials” delivered on the Lord’s day morning, February 4th, 1883 at the Metropolitan Tabernacle

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