Wednesday Hymnody – Isaac Watts, on the Trinity

Here is a selection from “Our Own Hymn-book: A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Public, Social, and Private Worship” compiled by C. H. Spurgeon and used at The Metropolitan Tabernacle, London England.

Isaac Watts: on the Trinity (1709)

Glory to God

Glory to God the Father’s name,
Who, from our sinful race,
Chose out His favorites to proclaim
The honours of His grace.

Glory to God the Son be paid,
Who dwelt in humble clay,
And, to redeem us from the dead,
Gave His own life away.

Glory to God the Spirit give,
From whose almighty power
Our souls their heavenly birth derive,
And bless the happy hour.

Glory to God that reigns above,
Th’ eternal Three in One,
Who by the wonders of His love
Has made His nature known.

-Isaac Watts (1709)

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