Montague Monday

Not to myself I owe
That I, O Lord, am Thine;
Free grace hath all the shades broke through,
and caused the Light to shine

Me Thou hast willing made
Thy offers to receive;
Call’d by the Voice that wakes the dead,
I come to Thee and live.

Why am I made to see
Who am by nature blind?
Why am I taken home to Thee,
And others left behind?

Because Thy sovereign Love
Was bent the worst to save;
Jesus, who reign enthron’d above,
The free salvation gave.

Tho’ once far off I stood,
Nor knew myself thy foe,
Brought nigh by the Redeemer’s blood,
Myself and Thee I know:

No more a child of wrath,
Thy graciousness I see;
And praise Thee for the work of faith
Which Thou hast wrought in me.

In sins and trespasses
When more than dead I lay,
Drew near my tomb the Prince of Peace,
And roll’d the stone away:

With me His Spirit strove,
Almighty to retrieve;
He saw me in a time of love,
And said unto me, live.

By Him made free indeed,
I felt His gracious Words;
His mantle over me was spread,
And I became the Lord’s.

Jesus, thy son, by grace,
I to the end shall be;
Made perfect through thy comeliness
Which I received from Thee.

I drink the Living Stream
To all believers giv’n,
A fellow-citizen with them
Who dwell in yonder Heav’n:

With all Thy chosen band
I trust to see Thee there,
And, in Thy Righteousness, to stand
Undaunted at Thy bar.

– Augustus Montague Toplady

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