So I don’t know why this is necessary to post, but I thought it humorous so maybe you would too.  I was thinking about the mascots that I have been named throughout my years of schooling.  And I noticed an interesting pattern.  I guess the schools I went to, gave up on finding creative mascots.  In order I was:

Altruria Tiger
Kate Bond Koala (boo)
Altruria Tiger (again)
Elmore Park Eagle
Bartlett Panther     and then almost in reverse…
Bethel College WildCat (aka Panther)
Lambuth University Eagle
Memphis Tiger

So in conclusion, the pattern is quite interesting…tiger, eagle, panther, wildcat, eagle, tiger…ha!

That’s it…I’ve finished my useless trivia for the night!

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4 Responses to Mascots!

  1. Julie Shreve says:

    Ah, but you were never a Fairfield Mule. That’s why we’re so stubborn up here!

  2. haha. (no comment, too many of those mules might be reading! haha jk)

  3. Sharon Johnson says:

    Guess you’re just an animal at heart!

  4. Bethany says:

    I was a colt, a mule, a wildcat, and finally…wait for it…llama. Yes, I’m now a llama.

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