My Room of Idols

I invite you to come in,
to a place you’ve never been before.
This is where you are not welcome,
but this is where I’m real.
It’s a room of pain and hurt;
a room of pride and self-righteous lies.
It’s my room of idols; my heart deep inside.

In here are abominations;
proudly displayed on all the walls:
the lust of the flesh, the eyes, and prideful life
that runs wicked, cursed by sin.
In here it’s dark, let no Light shine.
For Light purifies and mortifies
the sin inside, this, my room of idols.

There’s a voice outside, a whisper
It’s growing louder more and more.
Until it shakes the foundation to the core.
the Light penetrates, my idols fall to th’ floor.
As they shatter on the ground, the Light,
it reveals what they really are:
Idols of my heart, nothing more.

-N Adam Johnson 12-27-09
Ezekiel 8:9-12

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